Friday, June 17, 2011

League of Legends

So last night, (after alot of whining) my friend made me download LoL...

League of Legends is a game that should resemble the map DotA from WC3. There are many heroes and about 200 items that can be used. It is a strategy similar game (not RTS), which is fast and requires a lot of collaborationif you want to win. 
You can download the game for free here:

Since I've only played Dota like once or twice before, everything is pretty new for me so i'm still learning. I think the system that you need to buy heroes are pretty cool! I just bought Shaco, who is a demon jester... Pretty awesome. 

Have you ever played the game?
If yes, what do you think about it?
Which hero is your favourite? 


  1. It's an alright game but I think I prefer DotA

  2. i didn't realise that it was free, gonna give it a go

  3. Just bought Xin zhao, pretty good champion

  4. never played i'm afraid, only dota

  5. It's pretty fun. I prefer DotA, but at least you don't need Warcraft 3 to play League of Legends.

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  7. I could never get into DotA, LoL, HoN or the like, whenever i started to play, id always get the assholes who would cuss me out for being new to the game. OH well, I took my try and figured i would want to be apart of a community like that.

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