Saturday, June 18, 2011


So Dreamhack summer opened their gates 8:00 am (GMT+1) this morning in Jönköping, Sweden and will close again the 21th of june.

I'm not sure how many people it is that will attend this summer, but DH winter 2010 had 12 757 computers in their network!
As you might know, Dreamhack is the largest computer festival with alot of competitions and entertainment, seems like alot of fun.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go there this time, but hopefully I will sometime!

Have you ever been to Dreamhack?
How was it?


  1. I wish I could go but I am broke :(

  2. I cant make it but I am streaming it :D
    How to Hack Life.

  3. I wish i lived closer so i could actually go in person.

  4. I've never been there. Don't know if I would want to, either. I'm not too good at most of the games that tend to be played at such events.

  5. Watching the Dreamhack LoL streams right now

  6. yeyeaaaaa, dreamhack LoL!!
    that would be so awesommmmme to go to!

  7. dreamhack, first time I heard of it... but it looks cool