Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only in america...

The Americans have a bit special food culture that contains some fat is probably not missed. But some of the stuff that culture gives rise to arouse even possessiveness with us. Or how about this automatic donut machine for home use?

 Why bathe and wasting lot of energy just because you have a swimming pool? Buy instead a Motorized Pool Lounger and get ahead without getting wet and ready with your drink. Of course it also has a motorized pump so you do not blow it up (that takes to much time!).

 We all know how hard it can be to make the bed early Monday morning before going to work. Although the inventor of this self-bed of bed is from Italy, I believe that only in America, it has a chance to beat at the moment.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Battle of the consoles!

Which game console is that of 2011? I've will put the Xbox 360 and PS3 against each other in a number of different rounds, first up is the hardware.

Both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 have been updated a couple of times since their release. You pay about the same for both consoles. The new slim version of the Xbox 360 is much better looking than its predecessor, and considerably smaller, and one advantage is that you with no accessory purchases can choose to have it standing or lying. The shape is still reminiscent of a small desktop PC that does not speak for the Xbox 360's advantage.
In theory, the PlayStation 3 got more muscles under the hood than Microsoft's console, at least when we look at processing power. But most important, of course, how resources are used in practice. Still, it's very smooth when we look at how the latest games look on both consoles. Games that are available for both platforms almost always virtually identical on both machines and it's exclusive titles on both consoles really shines.
The latest version of the Xbox 360 does not sound nearly as much as the consoles we played with for a few years ago but still the (mainly DVD drive) a little louder than the PS3. Xbox 360 does not pull as much power as the PS3: an. The difference is not as big as a couple of years ago. 
All hardware is round rather affectionate, as the consoles cost the same, it becomes quite clear that Sony's machine is more modern and give you more hardware for the money than if you buy Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Winner: Playstation 3  

Tell me what you think, who would win in your opinion?


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